Roundtable with Rachel Dempers, of Rachel Dempers Coaching & Consulting

Date: 16 Jul 2020

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Covid-19 and the importance of employer branding.

Of the 9.4 million people on the furlough scheme, latest figures reveal that many of these feels neglected by their employers.

Business leaders in Milton Keynes have been discussing the importance of employer brand and trust throughout the Covid 19 crisis, and engaging with staff in a bid to retain talent.

With unemployment rates set to rocket and two in five UK companies planning redundancies once the scheme comes to an end, Rachel Dempers, founder of Rachel Dempers Coaching & Consulting, encouraged MKBLP members to reflect on their business decisions during the crisis.

The Milton Keynes Business Leaders Partnership roundtable event, with Rachel as guest speaker, focused on how brand plays a vital role in the longevity of a company. From strengthening employee trust to harnessing future talent: “It is vital that businesses create a good environment for both present and future employees.”

“The risk of not doing this is high. Companies are facing a marathon. They need to encompass the message that everyone is part of one team is vital, and communicated to all stakeholders.”

Citing recent data from the Edelman Trust Barometer, which revealed that the pandemic had exposed areas of deep concern, half of employees believe that the business they work for failing at putting people before profits.

Rachel, who works with organisations to future ready their organisation culture, leaders, and workforce, encouraged leaders to help employees understand that the company brand is protecting their well-being. And, with Covid-19 set to be a catalyst in transforming the workplace, how they should streamline their processes and embrace employee desire for greater flexibility, with a blend of home and office working.

“It’s not one size fits all. The answer is somewhere in the middle.”

The discussion sparked debate with business leaders sharing their own experiences, on managing and communicating with furloughed employees, and the importance of addressing mental health challenges.

Ultimately, talent leads to innovation and creativity. With Milton Keynes already on the cusp of being one of the UK’s leading cities of innovation, and cited as being one of the top 20 most enterprising locations in the UK during lockdown, protecting brand integrity is vital.

“By cultivating a good brand reputation, talent will want to work with you.”

While the political and economic landscape continues to change, and Covid-19 largely crippling the global economy and unemployment figures, many businesses may question the decision to focus on branding. But, the risk of not doing so is high.