Member Q&A – Katy Berrill

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Katy Berrill joined MKBLP as a member earlier this year. Katy is Bid Director at Bid & Tender Support. Centrally based in Milton Keynes the company not only tackles the construction of successful Bids and Tenders but the strategy and resource behind being able to do this sustainably. We asked Katy a few questions on her decision to join MKBLP:

  1. Why being a member is important?

For me, Milton Keynes is where my business journey started 6 years ago, since then the city has provided me with the opportunities, inspiration and business community which has enabled me to grow and develop my business into the organisation it is today. I wish to continue that journey and being a member of MKBLP gives me the forum to surround myself with inspirational leaders to learn from. I am a great believer in surrounding yourself with people who make you step up and out of your comfort zone.


  1. What do you bring to MK Business Leaders?

My passion for business, entrepreneurship and understanding of the MK community. I am extremely passionate about Milton Keynes and ensuring, through my business, that I can provide a meaningful contribution to the city as a whole. Through our work we understand the opportunities across the city for business growth and development, through our services we then help local companies win local work.


  1. What challenges face the Milton Keynes business community?

Milton Keynes faces a number of challenges in its future growth and expansion plans whilst retaining the identity and communities that exist here already. With pressure on infrastructure, we also need to focus on how the growth is sustainable. However, a number of these challenges are also opportunities, such as ensuring we capitalise on those brought in for Milton Keynes based businesses as a result of the planned Oxford to Cambridge Arc.  


  1. What makes Milton Keynes special for you?

I was born in Milton Keynes – my family are all based here – so when it came to settling down and starting my own business I had absolutely no doubt where I wanted to be. I now live in Olney, just outside Milton Keynes, but I spend a lot of time in the city for work and social reasons. I am extremely proud of the opportunities and offerings Milton Keynes has to offer from supportive and ambitious schools and colleges, to businesses engaged in community development and events.


  1. Your tip for success in business and/or life?

Remember where you have come from, stay connected. Networking is about connections and relationships, not selling and prospecting. If you don’t enjoy what you do – change it! You always have the option to be in charge of your own destiny, you just have to remember to make that choice.