The Covid-19 support network across MK in numbers

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The people of Milton Keynes are working tirelessly to provide for those in need throughout the city. Here are just some incredible numbers of what has been achieved since the start of the lockdown:

  • MK Council has spoken to 4,193 of those most in need, including the over 70 and the vulnerable, over the phone
  • MK Council, together with MK Foodbank, has delivered 2,996 emergency food parcels through Foodbank Xtra
  • MK Street Food Collective has cooked and delivered more than 200 hot meals and 400 sweet treats to staff at MKUH
  • Within housing, 53 essential repairs are being carried out each day
  • Support is continually given to 92 care providers
  • Milton Keynes libraries are facilitating reading with huge increases across eResources, eAudiobooks are up by 24% while eBooks are up by 132%
  • 91 schools have remained open – supporting 837 children across the city
  • SEMPLEP have delivered webinars to over 400 on Government finance measures
  • By 29th April 2,430 grants had been paid out to businesses out of an estimated 3,250
  • 625,000 people reached through MK Council social media initiatives, with 1,469 new followers recorded