Going Places Event - Mobility Strategy for Milton Keynes

Date: 12 Feb 2018

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There was a glimpse of where tomorrow’s roads might lead in Milton Keynes at the Going Places Engagement Event, organised by Milton Keynes Business Leaders Partnership and the Fred Roche Foundation.

The city, already home to the ‘driverless’ car, could in a few years see: 100mph guided buses; car travel ‘consumed’ like music and movies; and a no-car culture among the under-40s.

The event at MK Gallery in January was chaired by MK BLP Board member Ruby Parmar of PwC.  It began with Milton Keynes Council’s Steve Hayes; Duncan Sharkey and Geoff Snelson, giving an overview of issues surrounding Milton Keynes Council’s newly published Draft Mobility Strategy 2018-2036 to a large audience of transport professionals and representatives of interest groups.

They said the strategy is essential for Milton Keynes’ growth within the Oxford-MK -Cambridge Arc, technologies like autonomous vehicles were already ‘very real and relevant’ and the traditional car-owning society is changing with cars ‘downloaded’ as and when needed.

The Oxford-MK-Cambridge arc could become as big an economy as Liverpool, and Milton Keynes’ mobility advantage was that it ‘can do things you just can’t do in the centre of Oxford or Cambridge’.  MK could support the ‘Mobility as a Service’ (MaaS) concept, and buses with a potential 100mph on closed routes - the Advanced Very Rapid Transit - were a possibility.

A panel session followed with the council officers joined by architect David Lock, Rebecca Kurth chair of CMK Town Council and Pete Winkelman, Chairman MK Dons. 

David Lock said the key to the success of polycentric cities like Milton Keynes are the corridors connecting those centres. Rebecca said the draft strategy made progress but there was little analysis of public transport.  Pete Winkelman said what made Milton Keynes unique, including its transport system, was now adopted by cities internationally.  “If we can get transport and mobility right for the future here, we will have something that could be exported around the world,” he said.

Philip Smith, chair MK Business Leaders, said MK BLP was pleased to support an event which generated a stimulating debate around the very real issue of transport and mobility across Milton Keynes and the region.  “It is a subject that is crucial to the sustainable growth of the city and one which MK Business Leaders continues to highlight“, he said.

A small group of BLP/FRF members will finalise a response to the Council’s Mobility Strategy which closes on 12th February.

Click below to download details of the Going Place Engagement Event held on 11th January 2018

Click to also download the Mobility Strategy for Milton Keynes. 



MKBLP has provided a response to the Mobility Strategy