November 2015 Breakfast Briefing

Date: 02 Nov 2015

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Businesses are being invited to join the party as Milton Keynes counts down to a series of major celebrations and opportunities.

January 2017 marks 50 years since the ‘new town’ received its official designation, the year should also see a bid submitted for Milton Keynes to be European Capital of Culture in 2023, and possibly another bid for City Status from The Queen.

MK50 is the umbrella organisation for a year of golden anniversary festivities coordinated by Milton Keynes Council. Project manager Lallie Davis and Shane Downer, senior heritage officer gave members of Milton Keynes Business Leaders Partnership at their regular Breakfast Briefing, an overview of the plans so far and showed how the business community can contribute.

MK50 will be a celebration, foster civic pride and bring communities together and, Lallie said: “MK50 wants businesses on board.”

Shane Downer said: “MK50 is not just about arts and culture, it is about how in Milton Keynes we work together to make it a better place to live work and play, to promote the visitor economy where culture and creative industries are the fastest growing sector.”

He said events like MK50 and the bid for Capital of Culture and potentially gaining City Status, aimed to counter the sometimes negative perception of Milton Keynes.

“Supporting MK50 is not just about philanthropy but about benefiting your business, through your employees’ involvement and encouraging those with the skills you need to relocate to Milton Keynes. We want the business sector to be involved in the strategic thinking around MK50 and I invite those interested in getting involved to contact us.”

Dr Philip Smith, chairman of MK Business Leaders Partnership, thanked Lallie and Shane for the presentation. He said: “January 23, 2017 is a very important milestone for Milton Keynes. So much has been achieved, including our undoubted business success over the past almost fifty years. We are pleased to acknowledge a team is coordinating celebrations and we support the business community getting involved.”