MKBLP Board Director Freddie Guilmard takes part in a big 'CEO sleepout'

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Last month, MKBLP Board Director and MD of The Red Thread Partnership, Freddie Guilmard took part in a big ‘CEO sleepout’ event, to raise both awareness and money for the homelessness issue in Milton Keynes. This is what he had to say about his experience….

“I slept rough to help raise awareness for the homeless and poverty in MK. I was well prepared and managed to get a little sleep. What struck me the most was how different everything felt – not just how cold it was and how hard the floor felt and how generally uncomfortable it felt, but how heightened my sense of awareness of my environment was! I became so much more aware of the people around me, the noisy conversations going on and my frustration that I couldn’t get to sleep when I wanted because of it, then the very loud snoring and shuffling from people around me! I didn’t feel in danger as we were in a safe environment, but it made me think about what homeless people have to put up with! It made me feel so lucky to have a warm bed and a roof to keep my family and me safe. I want to say thank you to everyone who sponsored me for this – nearly 100 people joined me, and the money raised will definitely make a difference – thank you everyone.”