MK College offering FREE retraining lifeline

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With unemployment benefit claims well above pre-pandemic levels, Milton Keynes College is offering a free retraining lifeline for people who have lost their jobs in the crisis.   

The College is giving free one-to-one support for people in the city who want to upgrade their existing skills or who are looking to move out in a completely different work direction. 

Combined with plans announced by the government last week that adults over the age of twenty-three who left school without A-Levels can study for a qualification at that level (Level 3) for free from April, the way is open for thousands of people to upgrade their skills for nothing. 

The government also says it’s putting £238 million into coaching and advice for people who’ve been out of work for at least three months as a result of the pandemic.  However, this scheme is open to anyone over nineteen and has been put together between Milton Keynes College and the National Careers Service.  Russell George runs the programme and says, “We’re already seeing a range of people asking for help.  Some just want some support writing a CV or some tips on improving their interview technique but other people are asking for help in making a complete career change.  If people out there are thinking they’ve always wanted to be a nurse or an electrician or have any unrealised work ambition we’re here to help.” 

Short training sessions are proving very popular with people wanting to brush up on their skills with computer programmes like Microsoft Word or help with job searching while the organisers have also been approached by people who’ve recently finished college courses and want to find out about possible funding to take their education further. 

“We’re here for everything from the most fundamental courses right up to degree level so anyone who thinks we might be able to help really should get in touch,” Russell says.  “Everything is being done online at the moment but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we might be able to start holding some face-to-face sessions later in the year.”