Milton Keynes Business Crime Strategy is launched

Date: 20 Apr 2017

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Businesses face enough challenges without also being on the front line in the war against crime.

Business crime costs UK business billions of pounds every year. In 2013 business fraud alone totalled £52 billion accounting for 41 per cent of the cost of crime to retailers, while 90 per cent of large businesses and 74 per cent of smaller firms have experienced a breach of their cyber security.

Milton Keynes Business Leaders Partnership and Thames Valley Police have joined forces to produce a Milton Keynes Business Crime Strategy to inform, educate and equip business people against many crime threats.

The handy booklet and online resource explains the definition of ‘business crime’, identifies the different forms of business crime, shows how to prevent or minimise business crime and where to go for more help and advice.

Dr Philip Smith, chair MK Business Leaders said: “Crime is a problem that creates an extra cost for all businesses, their clients and customers, and the growth of online fraud, identity theft and cybercrime adds a new complexity that the whole business community must understand and defend themselves against.

“Until this year Milton Keynes did not have a specific strategy to tackle business crime, but with Thames Valley Police MK Business Leaders has started the ball rolling by pulling one together, and together all of us can protect ourselves, our businesses and customers.

“I would like to thank Milton Keynes Police for their help and support on this issue – and of course for their ongoing work in tackling crime across the Milton Keynes city and district,” he said.

Superintendent Vince Grey, the local policing area commander for Milton Keynes said: “This is a great opportunity for both the police and local businesses in Milton Keynes to tackle the ever growing and complicated issue of crime committed through the use of technology. Wherever possible we would seek to combine our resources and expertise to disrupt this criminality and reduce the cost of crime across the business sector.

“MK Business Leaders is a well-structured platform that we can all use to provide support to each other and look to bring to justice those that commit these crimes.”      

The Milton Keynes Business Crime Strategy 2017 Edition is also available as a pdf to download




Notes for editors:

  • Milton Keynes Business Leaders Partnership (MKBLP) is a group of individuals from a broad cross section of backgrounds who utilise their skills and knowledge for the benefit of the wider business community.
  • As part of the vision for the continued growth and development of MK we are focusing on key areas identified as fundamental to the success of the city including: Transport and Communications; Smart Cities and High Technology; Sport, health and wellbeing; Economic Development; Education, Skills and Apprenticeships
  • As an independent organisation, funded through member subscriptions, MKBLP works to identify and develop interests that are specific to the business community in the city. The aim is to influence change as MK develops and grows by utilising proven senior leadership qualities from across the membership.  Member feedback provides a catalyst to enable us to work with other partners to help business thrive and prosper.


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