Online Roundtable with Nick Orrin, Operations Director Global for Costa Express

Date: 09 Sep 2020

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Costa Express joins MKBLP event to discuss the technology driving the coffee brand forward

At the latest Milton Keynes Business Leaders Partnership event, members heard from Nick Orrin, Global Operations Director for Costa Express on the growth of the brand, and the innovative technology which links its 9,000 + UK machines.

Providing the group with an insight into the ambitious plans of Coca-Cola, who bought Costa Coffee from Whitbread in 2018, Nick discussed how innovation is key for the brand.

“Coca-Cola have a global ambition to be a total beverage company. They want to create a total coffee platform and have an ambitious roll-out plan for Costa Coffee.”

Technical innovation is set to underpin the expansion of the dominant coffee chain’s Express division. Part of a global GRID integration hub and platform, Costa Express’ SMART machines are uniquely integrated providing telemetry data feedback on anything from milk levels to machine usage:

“Through real-time data collection and an end-to-end IoT service, each Costa Express concession across the globe is connected via a cloud. From this we can enable new screen interactions for customers, and remotely monitor.

Investment in technology has given us the edge over our competitors and enabled us to keep machine downtime to an absolute minimum.”

With 1,000 new machines installed within garages, retailers, convenience stores and leisure establishments each year, and more across the globe, Costa Express is set to see continued growth.

MKBLP members also discussed with Nick Costa Express’ sustainability and environmental initiatives and heard more on the brand’s Costa Foundation. A charity which aims to relieve poverty and improve the life chances of boys and girls in coffee-growing communities across the globe.