The Internet – the essential service we are all leaning on during lockdown

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Our internet connection has become a lifeline to the outside world during the Covid-19 pandemic. We depend on our broadband connection to work, home school, meet with friends and family virtually, and stream movies and box sets.

Internet traffic in the UK has doubled since the lockdown period began so it is no surprise that the Government declared that telecommunications infrastructure was an essential service in order  allow both society, and the economy, to function and to enable rapid economic recovery when the crisis is over.

Throughout the crisis, CityFibre has continued to work tirelessly to build critical full fibre infrastructure to keep Milton Keynes, and its inhabitants, connected as part of its £40 million roll-out. Not only has the internet become a salvation for residents, the infrastructure is also supporting hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and all other essential services who are playing a vital role in the fight against Covid-19.  

“The internet has never been more crucial than it is now.” comments Jean Gowin, City Manager for CityFibre and MKBLP Board Director. “As an essential service, CityFibre has taken all appropriate measures to safeguard workers, and the public, as work proceeds on the roll out of full fibre infrastructure.”

In a city which is rapidly expanding, full fibre broadband will underpin the growth of Milton Keynes, enabling new businesses to accelerate while helping to increase the value of property.

Now, following these unprecedented times, the internet and in particular the speed of connectivity as a result of full fibre, will empower Milton Keynes businesses to embrace the new ‘normal,’ as remote working, meetings via Zoom and cloud working herald the dawn of the ‘virtual’ office.