MKBLP supporting #BeSeenInGreenMK

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This month, Milton Keynes University Hospital is holding its #BeSeenInGreenMK fundraiser to raise vital funds for the neonatal unit at the hospital. 

MKBLP is keen to support this initiative and are inviting members, who are attending the online speaker event tomorrow (Tuesday 13th October at 6pm) to wear green! 

It can be anything, clothing, hat, wig, glasses, or any prop – as long as it’s green.  

Hélène Stanway, Global Head of Technology Innovation, AXA XL is the guest speaker at the event and is aware of this initiative. 

Launched as a major annual event by Milton Keynes Hospital Charity last year, Be Seen In Green aims to raise £25,000 to fund a very special incubator called a ‘BabyLeo,’ to greatly enhance the life chances of babies born too early, too small, or very ill. 

We hope you will join us and look forward to seeing you tomorrow at 6pm.