A New Era for Saxon Court: £180m Plans for New Gateway to Milton Keynes Submitted

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Following extensive public consultation, a planning application for the redevelopment of the iconic Saxon Court building has been submitted to Milton Keynes Council by First Base and Patron Capital.  

The 2.35 acre site, which will be known as MK Gateway, will see the sustainable redevelopment of the original Saxon Court building into a future-focussed Knowledge hub, and the development of two new buildings; the Shed, a space for local businesses to make and create, and the Village, which will represent a UK-first in the future of urban living.  

A comprehensive consultation programme, conducted following the acquisition of the site in October 2020, saw mixed use developers, First Base, and investors Patron Capital, engage with thousands of local residents, businesses, and stakeholders, with over 6,000 responses received.  Comments and suggestions made during these consultations have directly influenced the final plans, created by globally renowned architects, RSH+P. This includes a focus on sustainability, new spaces for local businesses and community-use, space for public art, and affordable housing. 

Delivering 288 apartments for rent, the proposed development is set to be the first in Central Milton Keynes to comply with MK Council’s affordable housing policy, with over a third of homes available for a discounted market rent. Incorporating a UK first, the Village will feature 11 vertical gardens, totalling 4,500 square feet, for residents to share and enjoy. 

Representing a local investment of £180 million, and the creation of over 2,000 jobs, the plans are in alignment with Milton Keynes’ Strategy for 2050 to fuel the long-term evolution of Milton Keynes as a city of the future. In addition, the Shed will offer dynamic workshop space for local SMEs. Businesses from all industries will benefit from the flexible space, which will nurture and support new innovations and collaborations to drive business growth in the region.  

Setting new benchmarks, MK Gateway will deliver over £300m in social value over the next 20 years, providing long-term community benefits from local employment and training opportunities and improvements to local health, wellbeing, and the environment. 

Nicholas Mann, Chair, MKBLP, commented: “The redevelopment of Saxon Court is set to play a pivotal role in realising the long-term growth and sustainable ambitions of Milton Keynes. As a collective, MKBLP has been impressed with the engagement and extensive consultation process conducted by First Base to fully understand the needs of both local residents and the businesses community. 

Plans for the mixed-use development will set a new benchmark for the city, while fuelling the growth of businesses through the provision of incubator spaces for start-ups, opportunities for independent companies and homes for the young talent Milton Keynes is working hard to attract and retain.”